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  • Wedge Wire Screen Panel

    Wedge Wire Screen Panel

    Wedge wire screen flat panels consist of a series of parallel V-shaped profile wire resistance welde...
  • Wedge Wire Tube

    Wedge Wire Tube

    Wedge wire screens or tubes are available in looped panels, plastic screens, welded cylindrical scre...
  • Sieve Bend Screen

    Sieve Bend Screen

    Wedge Wire Screen Sieve Bend design provides for solid-liquid separation filtration....
  • Centrifugal Screen Basket

    Centrifugal Screen Basket

    Wedge Wire Screen basket is centrifuge dewatering equipment of key components, widely used in coal, ...

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Our factory can OEM various kinds of Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Filter Screen as your requirements, product application:water treatment and industrial wastewater disposal plants, food equipment, liquids filtration, cleaning treatment, Pulp & Paper Screen, etc industries filtration.


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