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wedge wire strainer resin trap

wedge wire strainer resin trap

  • Category:Wedge Wire Filter
  • Material:Stainless steel 304,304L,304HC,316,316L,321,430 or as per your request.
  • Properties:Resin trap
  • Application:filters, strainers, architectural screens, water treatment underdrains, media support grids and overlays, infiltration gallery screens
  • tag:wedge wire strainer, resin trap, resin trap strainer,
wedge wire strainer resin trap
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Description of wedge wire strainer resin trap:

The wedge wire strainer resin trap are very effective in wells of this type since they can be manufactured with very small slot size and yet still maintain the necessary open area to minimize friction head loss. Most continuous wire wrap screen is manufactured from stainless steel rather than carbon steel in order to avoid problems which often leads to accelerated corrosion.
The wedge wire strainer resin trap is made up of rods and warp. The rod can be round wire, triangular wire or trapezoid wire.The warp is triangular wire (V-shaped wire). The wedge wire resin trap have a robust structure and large open area, as well as accurate slot dimension. At the same time, wedge wire screen have many advantages such as heat-resisting, anti-corrosive, good machine capability,long service life, safety and reliability and so on. It can be used in many kinds of medium filtering.

resin trap strainer

Characteristics of wedge wire strainer resin trap

1. Filter made of stainless steel trapezoidal wire, screen slot is v-shape, can effectively intercept resin impurities.
2. Trapezoidal wire evenly circumferentially array on the support bar,ensure the screen filter area and non-obstructive, avoiding impurities concentrated.
3. Resin trap all connected by welding, durable, long life.
4. After working for some time,can filter backwash, multiple use

Application of wedge wire strainer resin trap

The wedge wire strainer resin trap are widely used for water, oil and gas wells in the world. As China chief manufacturer and exporter, we export good quality water well screen to many countries. Main products cover bridge slot screen, wire wrapped well screen, stainless steel Wedge Wire screen, water well screen, wedge wire screen, sieve bend screen, Wedge Wire wedge wire resin trap strainer and sand control screen. In addition, we also offer perforated pipes and base pipes for well screen and Wedge Wire screen.


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