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water treatment outlet distributors

water treatment outlet distributors

water treatment outlet distributors
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Description of water treatment outlet distributors:

Intermediate drainage, cross water device, intermediate drainage device, the device trapezoidal wire stainless steel tube, big flow area, water distribution uniformity is better, high mechanical strength, high temperature resistance, compression resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance have to greatly improve.Trapezoidal stainless steel wire can be designed according to the resin particle size.Using trapezoidal wire stainless steel branch pipe equipment not only service life is long, safe and reliable operation, and greatly reduces the maintenance workload, including resin material loss, etc.I company production out of the ordinary type, radiation type, shark fin type, jump, etc, a variety of materials, models complete, the head diameter, branch pipe diameter and quantity has different standards such as design, can also according to the requirements of customers design and production.The middle of my company because of its efficient separation effect and long service life and is widely used in ion exchange, clay and sand filtration, carbon tower and power plants in the water system and other equipment.

water treatment outlet distributors

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