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wedge wire water nozzle

2022-11-02 By zhaozhao

YUBO wedge wire filter nozzles are generally used in ion exchange systems for water or wastewater treatment filtration. Also used in some chemical industries to play the role of screening and filtering.


wedge wire filter nozzle

What place are ion exchange filter nozzles installed?

This is achieved by distributing nozzles over a vessel floor which controls the flow during collection or distribution.

Nozzles provide an efficient and economic solution by combining the benefits of a completely welded structure which will withstand very high stresses with an anti-clogging surface with excellent corrosion resistance.


ion exchange filter nozzle

YUBO has more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing wedge wire filters and stainless steel filters. And provides many filtration solutions for water treatment plants all over the world.

High open area.
High filtering performance.
Corrosion and rust resistance.
Long service life.

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