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wedge wire filter strainer

2022-05-26 By zhaozhao

Proper straining elements protect downstream equipment and the integrity of your end-product. When it comes to selecting a sanitary strainer, what do you look for?



Wedge wire elements work great when you need finer straining capabilities for round or square particles without the use of a filter or mesh overlay. 


The design and versatility of wedge wire products makes itself an ideal component for fluid treatment industry.

Wedge-Wire products are manufactured by an exclusive process of continuously welding an outer profile wire circumferentially in a helix pattern to a series of longitudinal support rods.

Alloys available are Stainless Steels, Monel, Titanium,etc.

wedge wire strainer

In addition, wedge wire have more types products:

Conical strainers

Strainer baskets

cylindrical screens

Resin traps

Filter nozzles

Custom designed fabricated parts


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