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radical reactors wedge wire screen

2022-09-07 By zhaozhao

What is a radical reactor wedge wire screen?


The radical reactors wedge wire screen is one of the common devices in the Catalytic reformer. The wedge wire screen is as follows:
wedge wire screen tube

Catalytic reforming is an important process for improving gasoline quality and producing petrochemical raw materials. Used for modern refinery and petrochemical catalytic.

wedge wire screen tube radical reactors
wedge wire screen tube radical reactors

There are two kinds of wedge wire screen tubes in radical reactors: scallop wedge wire screen tubes and cylindrical wedge wire screen tubes.

The device installed around the reactor is a scalloped wedge wire screen (flat tube).

The internal structure is as follows:
internal structure

The device installed in the center of the reactor is a cylindrical wedge wire screen and the bottom of the wedge wire screen is connected to the outlet of the radial reactor.

In the actual catalytic reforming process, if the quality of the screen tube is not good enough, there will be many unexpected situations. Therefore, it is very important to choose high-quality and pressure-resistant wedge wire screen tubes!

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