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Why use the wedge wire screen filter nozzle in industry

2022-02-24 By Lisa

Why using wedge wire screen filter nozzle in industry

The stainless steel wedge wire screen filter nozzle is the steam-water recoil device of the water distribution system at the bottom of the filter tank. It can effectively flush out the sludge and impurities in the filter tank to ensure the normal operation of the water quality and water volume of the filter tank.

The structure of the wedge wire screen filter nozzle is reasonable, the connection is firm, and the pressure is maintained. The strength is high, the nozzle is not changed, and there is no dead water corner zone between the filter plates, no mud accumulation, and the effect is good. The water filter nozzle is often used in the filter soda water backwashing water distribution system; the water filter nozzle is applied to the filtering device of water treatment equipment such as single water backwashing and gravity type, pressure type canister and ion exchange filter bed. The wedge wire screen water nozzle is used for urban drinking water and advanced purification of industrial water. The screen nozzle is high-purity water, advanced purification material in mineral water production, and the nozzle effectively removes COD, pigment and odor poisonous substances in water.

wedeg wire filter nozzle application

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