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Why do you choose sieve bend screen

2022-03-17 By Lisa

Description of the Sieve Bend Screen 

The wedge wire sieve bend screen is formed by concave curved profile wire screen mounted in a frame with the screen openings perpendicular to the flow. Wedge wire screen known as side hill screens, parabolic screens, run down screens, gravity screens and DSM screens, can be custom designed to separate solids from liquids in various applications including food processing, pulp and paper, waste water cleanup, surface water intakes, corn wet milling, coal preparation, and gold recovery.

The wedge wire sieve bend screen has greater capacity than flat screen due to the exertion of gravitational force as material flows against the curved surface. As slurry flows down the screen, the sharp leading edge of the wedge wire slices away a thin layer of water and small particles. Larger particles continue down the screen surface with much of the liquid removed. Separation size is considerably smaller than screen openings, usually about one half the opening size.

sieve bend screen

Benefits of the Wedge Wire Sieve Bend Screen

• Non-clogging: the continuous slot formed by the V-shaped surface wires ensures a two-point contact between the particles and the slot, which minimizes clogging.
• High-precision slot sizes: precise slot sizes are available to meet customer´s requirements.
• Surface filtration: the V-shaped surface wires allow easy cleaning by mechanical scraping or back flushing.
• Low pressure-drop.
• Strong construction: for most applications, the wedge wire screen is self-supporting, because of the welding at each intersection.
* High efficiency: continuous slot opening.
* Large flow rate: “v” shaped profile wire ensures a uninterrupted flow.

 Wedge Wire Sieve Bend Screen

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