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What is the test sieve used in the chemical industry

2019-10-12 By zhaozhao

Chemical companies must ensure that their products are free of contaminants. This requires a variety of methods to test. In turn, the test requires careful preparation of the sample. Only well-collected, properly processed samples can produce accurate results.

Test sieve

One of the most common methods of separating particulate matter from a sample is to pass the original material through a sieve. The test sieve reveals in its simplest form how much particulate matter (greater than the mesh size) is present in the sample. If necessary, the collected material can then be tested to determine its composition to indicate contaminants, basic components or other characteristics.

Stainless steel wedge wire screen

Stainless steel wedge wire screen

Stainless steel is one of the most popular materials for screens. This is because the stainless steel test sieve does not react to most compounds. They are also very easy to clean. This makes it easy to keep samples unaffected by equipment-related contamination during sample preparation and testing.

Laboratory test screens are the most popular test tools, but not all companies are testing in the lab. Some tests were done on-site, especially in the mining, oil exploration and archaeological industries. The versions we offer are suitable for your environment, no matter how well protected.

In UBO, we specialize in the manufacture of screens and filters that meet any specifications. We have spent many years researching and refining the methods needed to ensure that our products remain corrosion-free, easy to clean and perfectly suited to their intended application throughout their useful life.

We also do customization work, so if the pre-designed model you need is not what you really need, you can send your request directly to us to get the most satisfactory product.

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