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What is a pressure vessel

2016-06-24 By zhaozhao

Classification of pressure vessels, many from the use, manufacture and supervisory inspection angle classification, there are several.
(1) according to withstand the pressure of the class is divided into: low-pressure vessel, the pressure vessel, pressure vessels and super high pressure vessel.
(2) by containing medium is divided into: non-flammable, non-toxic; flammable or toxic; very toxic.
(3) according to the process into a different role:
① reaction vessel: physical, chemical reaction vessel for complete media.
② Heat container: container used to complete the heat exchange medium.
③ separate containers: for the quality of complete media exchange, gas purification, solid, liquid and gas separation vessel.
④ storage containers: for containing liquid or gaseous materials, storage media or to balance pressure from the buffer container.

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