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What is Wedge Wire Screen Tube

2017-05-17 By Lisa

Features and Benefitts of the Wedge Wire Screen Tube


1. With sepcial wedge stainless steel wire fromed V-type slot;

2. No-blocking during operation;

3. Easy-backwashing and can be cleaned thoroughly;

4. Smooth surface and no angularities;

5. Such as the scraper, hairbrush, tips and other washing equipment can be built-in;

6. Applicaitons: chemical industry, petrochemical industry, sewage treatment, steel industry, urban water treatment,argriculture irrigation, fruit and vegetable dehydration, solid-liquid seperation, livestock feces dehydration and so on.


Wedge Wire Screen Tube

The Specification of the Wedge Wire Screen Tube


1. The minimum outer-diameter is 25mm and the maximum length is 3000mm;

2. The minimum slot size is 0.05mm and the tolerance range is ±0.03mm;

3. The material can be stainless steel 304/316L/904L, dual-phase steel 2205, Hastelloy alloy C-276, and other alloy material used for corrosion prevention;

4. The connection can be welding ring and falnge coupling as required, besides, special specifications can be customized. 

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