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What is Pipe Based Wire Wrapped Screen

2019-06-10 By Lisa

Pipe Based Wire Wrapped Screen

Pipe based wire wrapped screen consists of a wire-wrapped jacket and a perforated pipe. Wedge wire shaped wire are helically wrapped around the vertical ribs and each point of contact is welded. This special shaped wire is designed for decreasing the chances of sand plugging the screen, self-cleaning action and reducing flow friction. The diameter and number of ribs depends on the strength and size the screen. The more the number is, the stronger the screen is. Wrapping should be accurately controlled to form uniform & precise gauge for reliability.

Pipe based wire wrapped screen can be used in stand-alone completions with well sorted formulations or in combination with gravel packed completions. It provides superior strength & accurate slot openings. Compared with , its larger inflow area maximizes the production. It can be applied to cased- and open hole environments, suitable for gravel-pack and standalone operations and sand free production in vertical or horizontal wells.

Pipe Based Wire Wrapped Screen

Features and Benefits of Pipe Based Wire Wrapped Screen

1) Very accurate slot opening;

2) Rotating ability during installation;

3) High strength and superior corrosion resistance;

4) Keystone shaped wire provides maximum erosion resistance & strength;

5) Higher number of round ribs gives ultra-high strength and tolerance for the service life;

6) Larger inflow area than slotted liner for maximum production;

7) All API and ANSI pipe sizes are available;

8) Customized end fittings and thread connections.

Pipe Based Wire Wrapped Screen

Pipe Based Wire Wrapped Screen

Water well drilling is a rugged business. The stresses of installation along with the pressures and corrosion that are encountered downhole require a tough screen.

At UBO Screens we manufacture our wedge wire stainless steel screens with some of the industry’s most experienced screen craftsmen and the most advanced screen-building technology in the world. You can have the utmost confidence that our stainless steel screens will stand the test of time with your water well application, whether it’s a small domestic well or a large municipal installation.Our stainless steel wedge wire screens and pipe size screens are available in 304 or 316 grade stainless steel in a wide range of diameters.

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