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Wedge Screen False Bottom

2019-01-25 By Lisa

Hebei UBO Trading Company is a professional supplier for false bottom/lauter tun screen in China with 10+ years experience in this field. The lauter tun screen are ideal for use in micro-brewing and distillery applications. The screen restricts grains from being collected with the wort when it is drawn from the mash in preparation for the boil. The screen offers a high open area, providing optimum extraction. They can be manufactured as a single unit o with removable sections for easy installation or removal through service doors an man-ways.

The Feature of Wedge Screen False Bottom

1. Excellent separation properties - high resistance to clogging
2. V-shape provides exceptional open area
3. Easy to clean, providing reduced maintenance costs
4. Superior strength, delivering longer service life
5. Standard slot opening are 0.65mm, 0.7mm, 0.75mm, 1 mm or as your reuiqre
6. Custom sizes and framing options

UBO False bottom screen designs and builds the best lauter screens you will find in the micro-brewing industry. Our resistance welded V-wire is the preferred method of screenig for this process and serves as the false bottom in the lauter tun.

UBO Screen is manufactured with a continuous slot opening which resists plugging and provides exceptional open area. We offer many frame options which can be custom designed to work with the brewing system.

We know that your industry demands quick turn-arounds that we are committed to providing. UBO is an certified company with a quality system in-house to ensure that the finished products meets your specifications before it leaves our facility.

feature of the screenapplication of the screen

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