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Water Strainer Filter Nozzle

2017-11-06 By Lisa

The water strainer filter nozzles are manufactured in accordance to customer flow requirements in almost any alloy. They can be designed for filtration or treatment systems to permit more effective use of the treatment media. Because of their non-clogging design strainer are effective in a wide rang of water treatment and other industrial applications. Common applications include under drain media retention elements or flow distributors in demineralizers and water softeners in pressure and gravity sand filters. Strainers can also be used as collectors at the bottom of the vessels by installing a number of strainers uniformly across a tray plate.The combination of high open area and a non-plugging slot design makes this nozzle /collector application pupilar.

water filter

Varioous kinds of filter nozzle

filter nozzlewater filternozzle filterfilter nozzle screen

Features of Filter Nozzle

water filter

Application of the Filter Nozzle

water strainer

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