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Various types of wedge wire products

2018-06-28 By Lisa

Description of wedge wire screen


Wedge wire screen is a type of filtering screen, which is composed of profile wires and support rods. The profile wires are commonly triangle wire and the support wire of wedge wire screen can be triangle wire, round bar, flat wire or wedge wire. Wedge wire screen has various types and specs. The classification of wedge wire screen are mainly according to the shape of screen.

wedge wire screen

Main types of wedge wire screens are as follows


Wedge wire screen panel. Wedge wire screen panel is a panel shape screen with continuous slot sizes and various support bars. Wedge wire screen panel has various applications, including floors, drainage covers, vibrating screens and grain drying panels.

screen plate

Wedge wire screen tube. Wedge wire screen tube is made of automatic machines, which the profiles wires are welded onto the support rod when it is rolling into the round tube. The wedge wire screen tube we supplied are complete round not the round shape with angles. This can suit more applications and have better filtering performance.

wedge wire screen tube

Wedge wire screen cylinder. Wedge wire screen cylinder is similar to the wedge wire screen tube. The wedge wire screen cylinder has larger diameters than the wedge wire screen tube. This make the wedge wire screen cylinder can be used in the heavy duty and large applications.

screen cylinder

Wedge wire false bottom screen. False bottom screen is a type of screen mesh with round shapes. It can be whole type, which has smaller diameters. It can also be divided into several parts for convenient transport and installation. Joint type wedge wire support grid is commonly has larger diameters.

mash tun screen

Wedge wire sieve bends. Wedge wire sieve bends is an arc shaped screen panel. The wedge wire screen panels are arced by machine to form the sieve bends. Sieve bends is widely used in the mine, coal, cement and other applications for dewatering, filtering and screening.

sieve bend screen

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