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The technical specifications water filter nozzle

2017-01-16 By Maria

1. Technical parameters

Name: Double head water cap (including stainless steel washer, rubber pad) Specification:

Water cap clearance: 0.20 ~ 0.25mm Water cap Material: 316L Water cap Output: 1t / h1.5 tons

2. Technical requirements

2.1 The length and diameter of water cap screw should be selected according to the actual measurement results.

2.2 All parts of the water cap are made of 316L stainless steel.

2.3 water cap thickness of the upper and lower baffles 1mm, support column (rivets) diameter of 3mm.

2.4 The upper and lower board connection is riveting. Riveting situation can be used arc, bowl-shaped, flanging situation. Riveting the workpiece without bad deformation, riveting the surface smooth and beautiful.

2.5 around the number of wire support is recommended to 18, to ensure that only enough support force, and compression strength.

2.6 water cap screw diameter ** mm, connection and fastening way for the screw connection, screw and nut rotation to smooth, do not run a hard spot phenomenon and the phenomenon of loose thread. Tightening nut for the six-party, the thickness of not less than 8mm, nuts and water cap welding using TIG welding.

2.7 sealed rubber pad for a group of two (acid and alkali, the thickness of 2.5-3mm), a stainless steel gasket thickness of 1mm.

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