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The pressure screen drum filter used for paper pulping

2018-07-26 By Lisa

Pressure Screen Drum Filter Used for Paper Pulping

Outflow pressure screen drum filter

● no burr and high opening area;
●According to the different pastes, select the high-strength, high-precision rods that are suitable for you;
● A variety of slope bars developed by our company have been declared national patents;
●The screen drum has high mechanical strength.

1. According to the user's production process, the design selects the high-strength rods that are suitable for the user's performance and effect. Our company has developed 14 kinds of high-strength rods with different angles, slopes and different specifications through various years of technical accumulation for various wood materials, waste paper, reed, wheat straw, bamboo, cotton straw and other papermaking raw materials and mixed slurry. National patents have been obtained or are being filed, and bar molds are processed in Japan.
2. Raw materials of the pressure drum screen are made of high-performance stainless steel 304L and 316L imported materials containing nickel and molybdenum.
3. The sieve drum screen is evenly distributed to ensure that the uniformity of the seam width is more than 90% ±0.023mm.
4. The paper making drum screen frame is entirely hard chrome plated with a thickness of 100-150μm and a maximum of 300μm. Our company has electrolysis polishing and hard chrome plating production line matched with screen frame processing.
5. Our company can process the screen frame with a minimum slit width of 0.07mm; the minimum hole diameter is 0.3mm; the maximum processing diameter is 1900mm (the A83 model sieve drum that has been processed by Anhui Shanying is 1800×2000mm, up to 11m2, A72LC Screen drum, up to 7.4m2; Shouguang Chenming processing Andritz HB7 model sieve drum, the specification is 1800 × 1860mm, up to 10.5m2; A63 model sieve drum, the specification is 1356 × 1564mm, up to 6.5m2 And F7 model sieve drum, the specification is 1754×1190mm, up to 6.6m2; Daewoo paper B-1500 (Japan Aikawa) inflow bar screen, up to 7.2m2).
picture of the screen drum filter
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