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The application of the stainless steel filter nozzle strainer

2022-01-17 By Lisa

The Application Of Stainless Steel Filter Nozzle Strainer

The stainless steel filter nozzle strainer is widely used in the field of water treatment equipment of power plants, petroleum, chemical, medicine, food, sewage treatment, waterworks and other industries. It is a key component in the water distribution device for water treatment equipment, in mechanical filters and Especially widely used in ion exchangers. UBO is a professional manufacturer of wedge-wrapped filter nozzle, including single-headed filter nozzle, double-headed filter nozzle, long-handled filter nozzle, plate-type filter nozzle, and quick install filter nozzle. The stainless steel trapezoidal winding wire cap produced by our company has the advantages of large flow area, no influence of temperature, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, long service life, easy replacement, safety and reliability, etc. It can replace lamination widely used in water treatment equipment. Old-fashioned products such as plastic water caps are a new generation of products in the water treatment equipment industry.

Ion exchangers, also known as softeners, are the most common and classic equipment for water treatment professionals. Divided into anion exchanger, cation exchanger, sodium ion exchanger, mixed bed ion exchanger. Mainly used to reduce the water hardness, alkalinity and anion and cation, making it softened or deionized water. Double-chamber floating bed, double-chamber fixed-bed anion-cation exchanger is a special equipment for producing desalted water. There are partitions in the middle of the double-chamber floating bed equipment, which are connected by upper and lower filter nozzle to form two compartments. The upper chamber is filled with strong resin and the lower chamber is filled with weak resin. Double-chamber fixed bed and double-chamber floating layer structure are similar, and the upper and lower chambers are different in resin. The mixed bed anion and cation exchanger is also called mixed bed. The yin and yang resin is packed in the same exchanger in a certain proportion, and the cation and anion resin selectively adsorb the anion and cation ions in the water. Under the state of uniform mixing, the anion and cation exchange are performed. The water inlet device in the upper part of the equipment is a porous tube type. The alkali input device and the middle row device are of the parent pipe type, and the water outlet device is a perforated plate filter nozzle type.

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