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Structure of the screen nozzle

2018-06-13 By Lisa

Detailed description of the SS screen nozzle


The SS wire screen nozzle also can be called strainer nozzle, stainless steel filter nozzle, header lateral, stainless steel lateral arm, water &gas Strainers. SS wire screen sand filter nozzle are available with the following configurations. Vertical slot filter nozzles, horizontal slot filter nozzles, intermediate plate nozzles, long or extra long stem nozzles with quick fit or standard fitting accessories, which can be used for many different applications. These include Sewerage Treatment Plants (STP) and other urban and industrial waste water treatment plants. There are also filters and collectors for swimming pools.

The structure of the screen nozzle


Typical nozzles are fabricated with a blind cap on one end and washer fixed with a threaded stem on the other end and can be secured with a nut and washer, usually installed in a vessel by an orifice plate.

These nozzles are manufactured to suit customer requirements and are not restricted by screen diameter, connection type, slot or length. Nozzles are used by most leading filtration manufacturers in common water treatment processes for activated carbon absorption, removal of suspended solids, sand, gravel or ion exchange.

Detials as below:


1. This is the main part of the nozzle, wedge wire screen tube, this is the filtration part of the nozzle. It is welded by the wedge wire and support rod. Diameter and length depending on the flow rating and your requirement
2. The cover cap: At the top, it is the cover cap, there are two kinds of caps: all flat cap and the stamping cap.
3. The Connecting pipe, the length ,the diameter, and the thread depend on clients’ request
4. The nut
5. The gasket, usually there are three kinds of gaskets, the rubber gasket, the stainless steel gasket, or the spring gasket

screen nozzle

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