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Stainless steel wire wrapped screen practical significance

2017-03-08 By zhaozhao

Stainless steel wire wrapped screen practical significance

Stainless steel wire screen elements around the ladder and extension products provide for the use of one hand, the solid-liquid separation unit operation of a high-strength, corrosion resistance, weather resistance and temperature variability is good,unit size, light weight, large flow, low resistance flow distribution uniformity many advantages, such as the separation of components, due to the formation of cracks gate width adjustable weft can be designed according to the size of the separation of materials,its good screening effect. In addition, the use of the ladder as weft yarn,forming a miniature nozzle shown in Figure 2. When back washing, easy to clean grain trapped solid, good cleaning effect, and water conservation.

For stainless steel trapezoid wire wrapped screen components and extends the product manufacturers and suppliers,due to the increased value of stainless steel materials,they get double or even several times the profit, is satisfactory.

The advantage of silk screens around

1, do not plug: the cross-section is trapezoidal silk screen surface (also a triangle),the gap on the two screens on the root surfaces of two adjacent wiresacute angle formed solids through the screen, and the gap Two sides forming point contact, so in theory, the solid particles on the screen either trapped in the screen, either through the sieve gap is impossible to form a third blocked state. This is to reduce the running resistance of the device, to maintain good water distribution characteristics,enhanced backwash effect of the resin are very important.

2, high strength: Since this element uses a stainless steel wire around the welded structure,it has a high strength, this screen can be cut at the wheel cutter,you can also end face lathe without causing loose deformation.


3, through flow: This screen has relatively little resistance,compared with the dimensions of similar plastic filter,greatly increasing its flow area, so in the same resistance,through the flow was significantly increased.In other words, in the case of the same output,the number of use of the water treatment cartridge may be reduced accordingly.


4, the temperature change adaptability: Obviously compared with ordinary plastic filters,stainless steel wire wrapped screen Schroeder temperature ranges much wider than the plastic cartridge.


5, adjustable gap: different users, using different filters and filter media,the internal wire wrapped screen wire around each gap request is not the same.Since this screen is on a dedicated device continuously welded around,so the gap between the stainless steel trapezoidal wire can be adjusted. In this way,you can meet at no additional cost under the premise of different users,and made of plastic filter to adjust the gap must re-create the mold, so that is not easy to meet the special needs of the user.


6, corrosion resistance: As mentioned above, the domestic stainless steel sieve materialthere are three, these three materials fully meet the requirements of thecurrent water treatment processes. For neutral water, acidic water, alkaline water,regenerant caustic soda, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, salt, etc.,as long as a reasonable selection of these materials, can be economical and safe operation of various types of filtration devices.

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