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Payment methods

2017-10-23 By Lisa

There are a number of different payment methods that can be used when you deal with us. Three mostly used are T/T payment in advance, western union and L/C.

For the T/T payment in advance


1. T/T means telegraphic transfer, or simply wire transfer. It's the simplest and easiest payment method to use.

2. T/T payment in advance is usually used when the sample and small quantity shipments are transported by air. The reason why is that the documents like air waybill, commercial invoice and packing list will be sent to you along with the shipment by the same plane. As soon as the shipment arrives, you can clear the customs and pick up the goods with the documents. As it's acknowledged, T/T payment in advance presents risk to the importer if the supplier is not an honest one.

3. For us, T/T advance payment is required for some high-value samples and small quantity order shipped by air.

4. If make payment by T/T,30% of total value as downpayment by T/T is necessary, the balance will be paid either by T/T aftering faxing the B/L or by D/P at sight.

5. It takes 3-4 days for us to received the wire transfer made from anywhere in the world.

Purchase Process

purchase process

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