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Lauter tun screen of beer equipment filter filtration

2018-06-05 By Lisa

Efficient utilization of equipment is a concern in any brewery. Whether large or small: saving time means saving money.

Whether a brewery has two or five vessels in their Brewhouse, there are five key process steps that cannot be skipped, truncated, avoided, or bypassed: Milling and weighing up, Mashing, Wort extraction(including spent grains removal), Wort boiling, Wort cooling (including trub separation).

UBO Lauter tun screen can be used for beer equipment, and presents greater challenges for time savings. We are looking to have a more good filtration effect, efficient extraction of the sugars all within a reasonable time frame. Bed loading, grist spectrum (grind), uniform distribution of the mash, design of the raking machine, wort collection system and false bottom all play their part in achieving the goals.

Check condition of the false bottom. Excessive radial and circumferential gaps between the plates will allow solids migration into the wort stream which is detrimental to quality, time and efficiency.
A large under-plate void. If one exists, it could impact extraction efficiency.
Rake design and density. This affects wort collection time and extraction efficiency.
Number of wort run-off points and the collection header. If not balanced or sized correctly affect time and efficiency.
Variable speed rakes. With the ability to be raised and lowered will only serve to enhance, quality, time and efficiency.

UBO supply the lauter tun screen have more advantages, as following:

The screen offers a high open area, providing optimum extraction. They can be manufactured as a single unit or with removable sections for easy installation or removal through service doors and manways.
• Excellent separation properties— high resistance to clogging
• V-shape provides exceptional open area
• Easy to clean, providing reduced maintenance costs
• Superior strength, delivering longer service life
• Standard slot openings are .028” or .030”(other sizes available)
• Custom sizes and framing options

mash tun screen

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