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Introduction of the advantages of trapezoid (wedge) wire products

2016-05-11 By zhaozhao

Introduction of the advantages of trapezoid (wedge) wire products

1 The application of trapezoid (wedge) wire products make the slot of screen take shaped in Vee to opening. The design form is more efficient than others, which can ensure the smooth of water resource filtering.

2 Ladder (wedge) wire winding continued to form a high density uniform gap continued in a circular periphery arranged on the support rod, the opening percentage of screen and no jam, to avoid the high density of sediment accumulation caused congestion, which provides a guarantee for improving the production efficiency and the service life of water well.

3 Wire wound and all vertical support rods are connected by electric welding, it’s strong and durable, working life is more longer than others.

4 According to the actual demand design arrangement of vertical support rods, and the screen continuity gaps in the form, so that the product has higher compression performance.

5 The excellent performance of the product improves the working efficiency and the use cycle of the water well, making the product a leader in the water resource filtering equipment. Thank you for your interest in our products, if you want to further understanding, such as wire wound tube type T, wire filter price, T type wire winding tube, wire filter specifications for more information, please contact us at any time

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