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How to improve the SS welded screen pipe quality effectively

2020-05-21 By Lisa

How to improve the SS welded screen pipe quality effectively


In order to improve the quality of stainless steel screen pipe, we should be pay attention to the following information:

1. Stainless steel welded pipe materials must pass the inspection before use. The operator should verify that the identification is consistent with the content on the production flow card. During the production process, the production flow card should be synchronized with the material to ensure that each pile of material has a clear identification.
Stainless steel welded pipe
2. When materials are left behind or surplus materials or scraps appear, the relevant identification contents should be transplanted to these materials in time. The waste can be only marked with steel and stored in the corresponding waste area.
Replacement of 304 stainless steel screen pipe material
1. The basic requirement for the replacement of stainless steel welded pipe materials is that the substitute materials can meet the performance requirements specified by the standards or customers.
2. When the performance of the substitute material cannot be determined, the corresponding inspection and test shall be carried out for verification.
3. The application for material substitution shall be submitted by the relevant department and implemented after being approved by the material owner.
4. If necessary, it should be approved by the customer before use.

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