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How to do the daily maintenance of the metal sintered filter

2019-11-01 By zhaozhao

Sintered mesh filters are widely used in industry, the environment, and many industries. The most important is the wedge-shaped wire stainless steel filter, then what are the functions and advantages of the device? Let's take a look together.

First, the main function of the metal sintered mesh filter is gas filtration. We know that many gases in industrial gases and the environment contain many bacteria, dust, and other impurities. If it is directly discharged into the air, it will have a great impact on our body, and the damage is very large, so we use a sintered filter to filter the gas to the discharge standard and then discharge it.

 Sintered filters can be used in oil filters, air purifiers, dust collectors and many other products, but the market reference is very broad. It can remove many types of magazines, including gases, dust, bacteria, and particles, by installing a sintered filter on the device, which is not possible with many other filtration devices.

In a sintered mesh filter, the quality of the filter core will directly determine its own service life. Routine maintenance is also critical to extending its useful life. When the filtration precision meets the requirements, the sintered mesh filter core processing should have high passability, and the sintered mesh filter core has strong oil passing ability to ensure smooth circulation of the system and reduce the pressure received by it. If the pressure difference is too large, it will not only damage the structure of the sintered mesh filter but also affect the working efficiency of the transmission. Therefore, if you need a filter core, you must choose a high-quality supplier, which not only saves costs but also achieves higher filtration accuracy.

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