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Groundwater purification

2019-09-17 By zhaozhao

It is all well known that well water is shallow well water and deep well water.


Shallow well water is infiltrated by rainwater and ground silt.


Deep well water flows from the veins in the earth's crust.


From this point, there will some impurities in shallow well water and deep well water. The well water has a lot of mineral content, such as iron and manganese due to the flow in the earth's crust. Therefore, groundwater purification equipment must be used.


From a drinking point of view: when the iron content in the groundwater is high, the smell of water will affect the taste of the water. And the most serious is the scale.

What is the scale?

We call water containing minerals such as calcium and magnesium salts "hard water." It is the main cause of scale formation.

If we don't understand the common phenomenon:

The wall of the thermos is usually used to open the water and it will adhere to a thick layer of white dirt. This is what we often call scale.

Is the scale harmful?

From the formation of scale, the water easily precipitates soluble substances (calcium bicarbonate and magnesium hydrogencarbonate) into insoluble matter during heating.


For example, thermal decomposition of calcium bicarbonate and magnesium bicarbonate occurs in water:


Ca(HCO 3) 2 → calcium carbonate + CO2 + H2O


Mg(HCO 3)2→mg(OH)2 + CO 2


In addition, the scale also contains deposits of heavy metals, dust, pathogens, eggs and corpses, which are not only unsanitary, but also seriously affect human health.


According to chemical analysis, a large amount of heavy metals are present in the scales. It has also been proven that scales not only cause various stone diseases, but also cause diseases of the digestive system, nervous system, urinary system, hematopoietic system and circulatory system, and lead to aging.


Long-term intake of heavy metals can cause human poisoning, and many heavy metals can cause cancer.


From an industrial point of view: as paper, textile, printing and dyeing, chemical and leather refined water, the quality of the product will be reduced; bronzing can make household appliances such as basins and bathtubs rust spots, washing clothes will appear yellow or brown stains.

For example: to make watercolor, smell and taste, damage the quality of textiles, paper, brewing, food and other industrial products, household appliances will be polluted into brown or black, washing clothes will be slightly black or light gray stains.


Home Water Treatment Program:

Live water treatment: If you don't need to drink directly, three-stage filtration is enough.


The first stage of filtration: manganese sand, removing iron and manganese from the water.


Secondary filtration: activated carbon: strong adsorption of organic matter and foreign colors, odor, such as iron odor.


The third stage of filtration: cationic resin: softens the water by ion exchange. Remove calcium and magnesium ions. Or two tanks. The first tank contains manganese sand and activated carbon, and the second tank contains a positive resin.


Industrial water treatment program:

According to the characteristics of groundwater, a water softener was developed to remove iron and manganese filters and scale.

Pump the deep well into the reservoir.

In the process, you need to use the Wedge Wire screen groundwater and Wells.

By installing an aeration device, iron and manganese in the water are sufficiently reacted with oxygen in the air to form water-insoluble ferrous or trivalent manganese and precipitate.

Secondly, iron and manganese can be removed by removing high-quality manganese sand from the iron-manganese filter.

Activated carbon in a multi-media filter is used to remove odor (iron odor) from the water.

The softening resin in the water softener can be added to remove the hardness of the water, and the final safety filter is possible.

It should be noted that the resin in the filter also needs to be captured by the Wedge Wire screen.

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