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Can high-efficiency filters filter bacterium

2017-05-17 By Lisa

With the improvement of the operating requirement, the high-efficiency filters has been equipped at the end of the modern hospital operating rooms in order to purify the environment. But the issue of the bacterium overproof still often happened when someone stay in the room for a period of time. And mostly, people consider the high-efficiency filters as the primary cause. You can see some main functions of the high-efficiency filter in this text. What’s more, you will get the idea that the high-efficiency filter is not all-powerful.

Can high-efficiency filters filter bacterium?

The operating principle of the high-efficiency filters


The dust particles in the air, doing inertial movement with the airflow, or doing random motion, or moving by the effect of some kinds of filed forces. When dust particles knocks with the filter, the gravitation between the particles and the filter makes the particles adhere to the filter.

The filter efficiency of the high-efficiency filter to the 0.3μm dust particulars in the air is 99.99%. So in terms of analysis of principle above, the high-efficiency filter only has the function of filtering the dust, neither will generate microorganism, nor filter the microorganism.

When replace the high-efficiency filters, it is better to let the experimenter at present(inquiry the bacterium used in the experiment in advance) and the persons who have injury in the hands or the body are not allowed in. Besides, the operators must wear gas masks and rubber gloves. The replaced filters must be sealed into the plastic bag immediately, and then putted in the carton, burned together with the same-disposed masks and gloves. When installing the new filters, must operate with high caution, don’t turn the dead and body into the device.

About the issue of the bacterium overproof in the operating rooms, half of the reason maybe the high-efficiency filters, and also may because the other management problems, such as the regularly clean-up substandard. At this time, as long as by changing the filters, you can find the primary cause. 

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