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Application of stainless steel filter in power plant

2019-09-30 By zhaozhao

The three main types of equipment in a thermal power plant include a boiler system, a steam turbine system, and a generator system. The state requires that the pollutants of the power plant be discharged to zero, so the treatment of pollutants in the power plant should be higher.

In addition, the water treatment system of the power plant is also a complex processing system. Water in power plants generally needs to be recycled, and filtration of water requires a large amount of filtration equipment.

Stainless steel filters are widely used in power plants. mainly includes: 

Stainless steel folding filter

Stainless steel wedge wire filter

Stainless steel sintered filter

Stainless steel basket filter

The main equipment used in power plants is the filter. The power plant is a huge system, and a small system is more complicated. The filters used involve oil filters, air filters, water filters, and are quite versatile. Non-standard parts are often encountered in power plant filters, which require site surveying and mapping to determine the type and size.

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Application of stainless steel filter in power plant

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