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why filtration is so important for industry

2022-04-25 By zhaozhao

Why Filtration is so Important For Industry?

Industrial filtration is crucial to many different fields and industries. It is used both to separate particles and substances from liquids as well as to lengthen the lifespan of manufacturing equipment. From restaurants and schools to automotive and hydroelectric plants, industrial filters play an important role in treating oils, water, and coolants.

What is the purpose of filtration, and why is filtration important for industrial applications?

  • The most common uses for filtration include:
  • Protecting Equipment from Ingesting Harmful Contaminants
  • Removing Contaminants to Purify air and gas streams
  • Protecting Personnel and the Work Environment
  • Separating and Isolating Desirable Product from the Air Stream
  • Let’s discuss each of these uses for industrial filtration in detail.


The filtration of wastewater can be achieved by employing the use of a sludge dewatering system. This separates solids from liquids and results in clean water that is then usable in sewers. There are two main sludge dewatering system types – those that use gravity alone and those that utilise a vacuum producer. Many industries choose to invest in a vacuum producer system as it dramatically decreases sludge disposal costs.


The purity of coolant has a direct bearing on the effectiveness of machinery and the lifespan of the coolant itself. This is why industrial coolant filtration is so important. Contamination of coolants occurs when tiny particles are introduced during various production processes. The use of magnetic filtration drum separators assists in the extraction of ferrous particles from the coolant.


Centrifugal force is an incredibly effective method of separating liquids and solids and is therefore often used for industrial filtration purposes. There are a wide variety of centrifuges available, including oil centrifuges to treat waste vegetable oils, used engine oil, and industrial oils, as well as those suitable for wastewater, solvents, biodiesel, and emulsions. 


For many industries and businesses, industrial filtration is essential for day-to-day operations. It is easy, so, to see why so many companies choose to invest in top-quality industrial filtration systems.

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