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ss v wire wrapped drum screen

2022-09-21 By zhaozhao

V wire-wrapped drum screen is manufactured with wedge wire profiles and support profiles. Weld the wedge wire screen and support bars together by machine and ribs into a cylindrical shape. Thus enabling the economical manufacture of durable wedge wire cylinder drum screens.

ss v wire wrapped drum screen

The video at the bottom of the article fully shows the production process of the v-wire-wrapped drum screen.

We are a leading wedge wire cylinders(drum screen) factory in china. Our stainless steel drum screens are widely used in wastewater treatment in various industrial applications, including pulp and paper, coal and mine, chemical industry, and so on.

The screen of the present invention is capable of withstanding the high stresses introduced by the alternating pushing and pulling of the rotatable rotors or beaters employed within the associated closed pressure screening apparatus without the addition of structural supports after the formation of the array into a cylindrical shape.

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