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2022-11-18 By zhaozhao

Stainless steel resin traps and strainers--Providing security in case of catastrophic failure of your media beds.

Resin trap strainers are an inexpensive form of insurance against the possibility of ion exchange resin or filter media accidentally leaving water treatment equipment and traveling downstream to cause catastrophic damage to process areas or equipment.

We custom manufacture and design resin trap filters with wedge wire materials. It is placed in a housing utilizing the flow to capture media and prevent it from traveling downstream.

The structure of our resin traps is simple and easy to install.

ss resin trap and strainer


• Continuous slot design, allowing traps to capture media particles of any size, providing sufficient open area to let process flow move smoothly
• Stainless steel construction (other alloys can be used, depending on pressure and temperature)
• Various options for sizes, shapes, and connections, depending on process flow characteristics
• Designed for full system pressure

As a professional SS wedge wire resin trap and strainer manufacturer, Quality and integrity always come first. Various filters can be custom. E-mail: sales@uboscreen.com

resin trap filters

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