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2022-10-12 By zhaozhao

Wedge wire screw press screen pipes are mainly used for filtration and separation in some industries. The main functions: realize solid-liquid separation and capture large fibers.

wedge wire screw press screen pipe

Separation applications in the industry are:
•Farm animal manure separation.
•Food market waste treatment.
•Fruit and vegetable juice processing.
•Herbal dregs processing.
•Poultry processing plant.
•Pulp and Paper industry.
•Wine grains processing.

As a professional wedge wire filter factory and supplier, YUBO screw press screen pipe realizes the unification of perfect technology and high screening efficiency. From production to sales in one step, do not worry about product quality problems.

Wedge wire and support rod are perfectly combined on the welding machine to form a cylindrical structure. The flow type is generally FITO. Efficient and precise screening with first-class pressure resistance.

Screening case/video:

Customized processing can be achieved to provide filtration solutions! E-mail:sales@uboscreen.com

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