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Wedge Wire Strainer Tube Supplier

2022-03-10 By zhaozhao

Hebei YUBO Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd. is a custom manufacturer and supplier of wedge wire screen products including wedge wire strainer tubes. YUBO believes in strict quality assurance practices. Quality control and OEM design are our advantages to ensure customer satisfaction.

Wedge wire strainer tube also called V-wire screen pipe or profile wire pipe is welded by V-shaped stainless steel wires. YUBO wedge wire strainer tube generally adopts 316/316L/304 stainless steel materials or according to your requirements. It is widely used in industrial solid-liquid separation, liquid-liquid separation, etc.

Application industries: water treatment, oil/water well exploration, food/beverage processing, power plants, and other industries.

YUBO wedge wire strainer tube has a price competitive advantage and is widely popular with customers. The slot size can be designed and maximize the opening area, and prevent clogging, and the maintenance is very convenient.

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Wedge Wire Welded Filter Tube

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