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Analysis of stainlesssteel Water nozzle

2017-03-03 By Maria

Stainless steel drainage nozzle instead of water treatment equipment traditional plastic water nozzle, plastic water nozzle strength is poor, pressure, temperature, anti-aging performance is poor, especially the strength difference of this weakness, easy to rupture, to the safe operation of the equipment has brought hidden dangers.

1, stainless steel drainage nozzle specifications and characteristics of stainless steel water nozzle, can help users solve the original plastic water nozzle produced by the worries. Water to take the series of products are: single-headed water cap, tube-type double-headed water nozzle, pull-type single-headed water nozzle, pull-type double-headed water nozzle, long-handled water nozzle, deck single-headed water nozzle, Water nozzle, double flow water nozzle, flat water nozzle and other water nozzle. This product is a large area of circulation (about 2-3 times the same size plastic gap water nozzle), anti-aging, good pressure performance, long life, almost no damage, safe and reliable, low overall cost, water treatment equipment Industry in a new generation of products.

 2. Advantages of stainless steel drainage nozzle and its economic analysis

Stainless steel trapezoidal wire nozzle water nozzle product price is higher than plastic cap several times, but by contrast, its advantages far more than its value. After replacing the stainless steel cap, almost no damage, long service life. The original plastic water nozzle is easy to crack off the resin, but also endanger the system security. Assuming an ion exchanger due to water cap cracks a year off the resin about 20,000 yuan, replace a total of 20,000 tons of ion exchanger water nozzle, then replace the stainless steel water nozzle technology investment funds can be recovered within a year.

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