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wedge wire screen baskets

wedge wire screen baskets

  • Category:Wedge Wire Screen
  • Material:SS304,304L,316,316L,galvanized iron wire
  • Properties:wedge wire screen baskets
  • Application:Stainless steel welded screen plate is widely used in solid-liquid separation, dewatering, filtering and screening in coal, mine and sewage disposal.
  • tag:wedge wire screen,baskets filter,centrifuge screens,
wedge wire screen baskets
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Description of wedge wire screen baskets:

stainless steel screen basket and profile screens are all custom made. Length, width, shape and spacing of profile wire are engineered to meet your special job requirements. And the individual wire on the working surface of the wedge wire screen or stainless steel screen can be manufactured at various angles to better serve your needs.

Features for wedge wire screen baskets:

Variety and full range of sizes meet the requirements of different coals type, different coals quality; size accurately, the error is small, fixed bolt hole does not appear the wrong eye, partial eye phenomena, to make installment saving time and effort ; welding quality is good, solid structure, does not appear screen welding open, cracking phenomena; uniform screen sewn, smooth screen surface, high opening rate.

Application for wedge wire screen baskets:

Screen basket is mainly used in centrifuge dewatering, widely used in coal, chemical, and metallurgical industries. Screen basket is a key part of centrifuge .It is high-speed rotating parts. When work, the basket should not only bear the vibration load, but also bear the impact of coal and water. So it requires relatively high strength and precision.

wedge wire screen baskets

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