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Wedge Wire pipe screen

Wedge Wire pipe screen

Wedge Wire pipe screen
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Description of Wedge Wire pipe screen:


Screen wire wrapped screen pipe, also known as pump accessories NMS water filtration, filter pipe stratiner pipe, filter tube water well screen, as the name suggests is a screening filter. With deep well pump, supporting the use of submersible pumps. Now domestic household water wells do not use this filter tube, first because of the high cost, two domestic wells deep into the sand yet, only a few companies use the spa because their wells to be several kilometers deep.
Now most of the screen using the trapezoidal wire. The many benefits of using the trapezoidal wire:
1, the continuous slit has greatly increased over the water area, and therefore a better contact with the aqueous layer.
2, V-type cross-sectional structure to avoid clogging and ensure smooth flow.
3, long-term continuous pores effective use.
4, trapezoidal filter pipe rugged, high porosity, the precise size of gap.
5, trapezoidal wire backwash filter pipe easily, long life, safe, reliable, comprehensive and low cost.




A high porosity filter pipe is more suitable for the construction of high-efficiency water, oil and gas wells.
2, low operating costs and high porosity of the filter pipe is more conducive to groundwater infiltration, with plenty of water so that the water level drop deep decreases, thereby reducing energy consumption.
3, reducing pump wear under the same conditions, high porosity makes groundwater drainage pipe penetration rate when compared with other filtering device penetration rate to be much slower, thus avoiding the sand in the larger pressure into the filter pipe, reducing pump wear.
4, to extend the life of the well relatively speaking, groundwater infiltration high porosity filter filter pipe easier, low flow rate, extend the life of well.

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