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Stainless steel inflow wedge wire screen basket

Stainless steel inflow wedge wire screen basket

Stainless steel inflow wedge wire screen basket
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Description of Stainless steel inflow wedge wire screen basket:



Material: 65Mn, Mn steel, stainless steel and high carbon steel

Advantages of Wedge Wire Screen Basket:

1) Many wing pieces, no winding, highly efficient rotary drum type rotor.

2) Pulp consistency can reach 2.5~4%, reduce water consumption and fiber loss of production process.

3) Heavy impurity discharge tube, ensure the security of the sieve drum operation.

4) Advanced structure, durable, easy dismounting, low energy consumption, less wastage fiber.

5)Equipped with automatic oiling and mechanical seal water monitoring device, high degree of automation.

6) Compact structure, small power, high output.

Features of Wedge Wire Screen Basket:

• Welded bar baskets, having fine slots down to 0.076 mm(0.003") for all types of screens.

• Exceptional improvement in screening efficiency.

• Improve quality of paper.

• High mechanical strength.

• Larger open area.

• High wear resistance.

• High impact resistance.

• Non-plugging slot design.

• Self-supporting structure.

• Dependable paper machine operation.

• Excellent manufacturing fitness.

• Hole or slot screen basket.

• Lower operation and maintaenance cost.

• Suitable for operation with large flat shaped contaminants. 

• Special design features avoid string formation. 

• Sidehill screens and replacement screen mats


wearable, high temperature-resistant, good toughness, shake-resistant and draw-resistant, keep-distance, better rate of filter than sheet iron screen


mainly used for processing of stones, mixing pitch, mine area; match with machines 

of home and abroad Fine quality, substance, and durability.Can keep the flat out looking under 

stress Customized outer packing are accepted

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