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Lauter Tun Screens

Lauter Tun Screens

  • Category:Wedge Wire Screen
  • Material:ss302, ss304, ss316,SS316L
  • Properties:wedge wire screen panel
  • Application:Mineral processing;Hatchery screens ;Food processing ;
  • tag:Lauter Tun, Screens,
Lauter Tun Screens
Wire Mesh Wire Mesh
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Description of Lauter Tun Screens:

Materials: ss302, ss304, ss316,SS316L

Mineral processing;
Hatchery screens ;
Food processing ;
Surface water intake screens ;
Fish diversion screen panels ;
Vibrating or static screen decking ;
Flooring for malt kiln, germination, and grain drying.

Characteristics: compressive vibration, corrosion resistance, not affected by temperature influence, durable, the comprehensive cost etc. Sieve seam strictly uniformity, high opening rate.

Manfre introduce advanced technology , the construction method used is the latest, ultra clean TiG and plasma welding system. This method of construction guarantees cartridge integrity, eliminating the risk of bypass and the presence of extractables derived from any bonding agents 

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