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Flat Wedge Wire Screen Panel

Flat Wedge Wire Screen Panel

Flat Wedge Wire Screen Panel
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Description of Flat Wedge Wire Screen Panel:

The flat wedge wire screen panel are also known as Profile Wire screens, Wedge wire screen, V-wire screen, and Triwire screen. They are usually used in separating solids from liquids, retaining media, filtering, sizing, dewatering, collecting, and distributing

Application of Flat Wedge Wire Screen Panel

1) Malt machine: They can used for the classificator, the germinating, and the drying oven in the malthouse.

2) Beer Machinery: The wedge wire screen can be used in the filter tank in the brewery.
The Mining industry: The wedge wire screen could used for desliming and dehydration in the coal cleaning plant.

3) Environment protection Industry: The oil, gas, and water wells are filled with the dinas, the wedge wire screen could help to protect the equipment of the downhole and ground.
The advantage of the wedge wire screen is high opening rate, large filtering area, fast filtering speed, long service life and so on.

4) Chemical and others: They can also used for wastewater treatment in the sugar refinery, the paper mill, filtering the material in the fertilizer plant, dehydration, used in the spray booth, they can be used for starch filtering in the food factory and so on.

Advantage of Flat Wedge Wire Screen Panel

1) The screen is made by wedge wire and support bar, it won’t be blocked easily. It could be washed for many times and long working life, and saving the producing cost

2) The surface of the screen is smooth and no angular, and then the material could flow fluently.

3) The wedge wire and support bar are welded together, it is solid and long lifespan.

4) The size of the slot is accurate, so it can ensure the quality of the matter.

5) The wedge wire screen could be made to multiple forms, such like the plate, round, rectangle, oval, cylindrical, tapered, camber, fan-shaped, basket, vibrating screen, and so on.


flat wedge wire screen panel

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