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316 Wedge Wire Screen Panel

316 Wedge Wire Screen Panel

  • Category:Wedge Wire Screen
  • Material:Stainless Steel Wire, 316,SUS316,AISI316
  • Properties:Wedge Wire Screen Panel
  • Application:Construction industry,Bathroom drainage,Water treatment
  • tag:316 Wedge Wire Screen Panel ,
316 Wedge Wire Screen Panel
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Description of 316 Wedge Wire Screen Panel:

316 Wedge Wire Screen Panel

1) Non-magnetic
2) Wear Resistance
3) Heat Resistant
4) Corrosion Resistant
5) Acid and Alkali Resistant
6) Long Life
7)Easy Clean Ability


1)Construction industry
2)Bathroom drainage
3)Mineral processing
4)Water treatment
5)Food processing

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