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wedge candle screen filter

wedge candle screen filter

wedge candle screen filterwedge candle screen filterwedge candle screen filter
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Description of wedge candle screen filter:

UBO factory Production of Resin is a safety device, available on the ion exchanger, High Purity water system and activated carbon filter on the export pipeline of such medium.It consists of a wedge - shaped wire core and Shell composed of two parts. 

Advantages of wedge candle screen filter

filter with special v-shaped pore structure, is not easy to plug, easy to clean.
Filter element with higher strength, able to withstand harsh conditions such as high temperature and high pressure.
Filter slot high precision error is within 50 μm, can intercept medium.
According to the medium size, adjust the filter slot, ensure effective interception.
Using a flange connection, easy to Setup.

Application of wedge candle screen filter

Resin trap device used in mechanical lower ion exchange plant, as a complement to ion exchange equipment, to recycled run-off resin ion-exchange equipment, equipment, small size, high recycling efficiency. Resin traps most of the currently used for porous Polyester mesh drums outsourcing, often appears in the run screen snaps the cylinder wall, causing holes blocked, resulting in a high resistance and polyester mesh easily damaged during operation, causing resin into the demineralized water system leakage.

                  wedge candle screen filter

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