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separator screw screen

separator screw screen

separator screw screenseparator screw screen
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Description of separator screw screen:

The separator screw screen is widely used in ore-dressing process by forming a closed circuit with ball mills, classifying sand and fine mud in gravity separator, grading slurry particle size in metal beneficiation process, and washing operation in the dehydration. The machine has a simple structure, reliable operation, and it’s easy to operate.

There are many industrial factors impacting on the efficiency of spiral classifier, including bulk density, particle size, clay content and ore concentration, and the structure and working parameters of screw grader. The following measures can be considered to improve the efficiency of classification:

(1) To change the traditional discharging way of spiral classifier, thus to reduce the motion path of mineral particles in the screw separation machine, to shorten the sedimentation time.
(2) To add one stirring device at the bottom of the tank for fine ore particles that have settled to the bottom of the tank, so the spiral classifier can bring them to the surface of the slurry again, and discharge them along with the overflow, thus to reduce the fine grit of ore particles and improve efficiency.
(3) To change the traditional gravity sedimentation in the grading area may also be considered, such as, add a cylindrical sieve in the upper part of the grading machine to achieve the second grading, so as to improve the efficiency of the classifier.

                                  separator screw screen

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