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sell selfcleaning-Strainer

sell selfcleaning-Strainer

sell selfcleaning-Strainersell selfcleaning-Strainersell selfcleaning-Strainersell selfcleaning-Strainer
Wire Mesh Wire Mesh
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Description of sell selfcleaning-Strainer:

Wedge wire screen, a rod-based wire wrapped screen features the largest open area compared with either slotted liner or pipe-based screen. Versatile wedge wire screens can be found in a great number of well applications, such as rude oil production, natural gas production, vessel internals and ground water exploration and so on.

Wedge wire screen diagram Rods spaced evenly around the circumference support the screen and prevent the screen from deformation.
V-shaped wire produces self-cleaning action and non-clogging performance. The slot width on surface is increasing towards the internal side of the screen. This slot geometry is called keystone slot which has the ability of anti-plugging. Precise slot width should be designed to satisfy operation requirements. Usually, the slot width is two times the size of the formation sand.
End fittings can be customized to secure the screen body.

Features of sell selfcleaning-Strainer

1. Wedge wire can be supplied in cylinder or basket shape, also in panel shape.
2. Clicean wedge wire filter baskets /cylinders are provided with couplings and other fittings as well.
3. Mainly supplied in Stainless Steel 304 or 316, this filter elements are corrosion resistant and alkaline and acid resistant.
4. Comparing with common pleated wire mesh filters, Wedge wire's unique SLOT profile with supporting rod enables both High filtering accuracy and High strength and durability. 

                     wedge wire screen pipe

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