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sell china rotary drum screen

sell china rotary drum screen

sell china rotary drum screensell china rotary drum screen
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Description of sell china rotary drum screen:

Rotary drum screens are energy efficient screening devices that are very effective in treatment applications that are high in grit and sand loads with variable flows and solid concentrations. These screens are also good at removing hairs, and fibrous materials that can wreck havoc on important downstream treatment processes such as membrane bioreactors.

Removing these materials during preliminary treatment minimizes the chances of the plants performance being compromised and increases the chances that subsequent treatment processes are trouble and maintenance free.

Application of sell china rotary drum screen

This product is used for solid / water separation which usually consist of more dense particles that need to be removed from the effluent. The effluent enters the inside of the rotating drum through the feed inlet and then passing over the distribution weir on to the drum surface. The particles and water separate as the drum rotates with the solids staying on the screen and passing down the length of the drum helped by internal flights or a continuous scroll.

                    sell china rotary drum screen

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