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pre-pack screen

pre-pack screen

  • Category:Water Well Screen
  • Material:low carton galvanized steel, stainless steel (304,316)
  • Properties:Water Well screen
  • Application:waste water treatment,water well
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pre-pack screenpre-pack screen
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Description of pre-pack screen:

PrePak Screens provide maximum ID for larger tools and minimum OD to fit inside smaller casings.

The 3/4" size allows larger sampling equipment than will fit inside commonly used 1/2" direct push wells. Usable inside most 2" or 2-1/8" direct push casing, or can be installed in an open hole. Each section is flush threaded with an o-ring seal for assembly of longer screens. Flush threaded end plugs are available. The other sizes have the same design as the 3/4" but are made to install larger wells inside a larger hole or casing.

Feature of pre-pack screen

Internal quality control of wrap wire specifications.
Pre-packed screen cartridges are available in standard service 316LSS or CRA alloy as required.
Excellent choice for marginal reservoirs requiring economical sand control options.

The dual jacket design and packing process insures a void-free, concentric and uniform pack annulus. 

Advantages of pre-pack screen

Provides a measure of protection against erosional forces and voids during sand placement procedures.
A cost effective alternative to premium diffusion bonded screens.
Suitable for stand alone applications as well as High Rate Water Packs (HRWP) and Frac Packs (FP) in cased or open hole completions.
The spherical Econo-Prop pack material provides excellent compaction properties with high permeability for maximum flow characteristics.
Extremely damage resistant.

                             pre-pack screen

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