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Stainless steel316L Rotary Screen Wastewater

Stainless steel316L Rotary Screen Wastewater

Stainless steel316L Rotary Screen WastewaterStainless steel316L Rotary Screen Wastewater
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Description of Stainless steel316L Rotary Screen Wastewater:

Stainless steel316L Rotary Screen is a robust piece of equipment that features an all stainless steel construction and heavy gauge materials for extreme durability. The Rotary Screen is designed to be virtually maintenance free. This advanced design produces excellent material separation results and significant reductions in maintenance and operating cost over typical separation methods.

Features of Stainless steel316L Rotary Screen Wastewater

1. Simple and Reliable Machinery
The gear motor drives a pinion-and-rack system, which rotates the drum. Made of HDPE (High Density Polyethytylene), the mechanism does not require any maintenance (left).
Oversized trunnions support the drum, and provide stability during rotation (right).
2. High Capture Rate
Because the drum is fed internally, Drumtec catches all sorts of debris such as rocks, grits, organics, wipes, rags, fibers, and the like. The perforated plate provides a high capture rate of materials as small as 800 microns, making Drumtec a great solution for fine screening, specifically with a MBR system.
3. Safe & Easy Access
The cover is equipped with a lift handle on each side of the drum. A hydraulic assist mechanism allows a single operator to open the cover. A safety switch automatically stops the drum.
4. Integrated Bypass
An integrated bypass is available.
If equipped, a sensor stops the drum, and the overflow routes to a tank containing a manual rack.
5. Minimal Maintenance
Spray bars provide touch-free cleaning of the inside of the drum. Weekly maintenance consists only of a visual inspection of the drum and the spray bar nozzles. Nozzles are easily removed for cleaning or replacement, when necessary.

Stainless steel316L Rotary Screen Wastewater

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