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Rotary Screen Filter

Rotary Screen Filter

  • Category:Water Well Screen
  • Material:stainless steel
  • Properties:Water Well screen
  • Application:water treatment, oilfield, mining, water well,food industry, filtration
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Rotary Screen FilterRotary Screen Filter
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Description of Rotary Screen Filter:

Rotary Juice Screen Rotary Screen filter
UBO Engineering Works one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of Rotary Screen and welded wedge bar screen filtration products.

Rotary screen drums are the vital part of the rotary screen used in many industries for filtration. This allows a mixture of liquids and solids fed into the screen drum to be separated, with the liquid passing out through apertures in the screen drum body, while the solids are conveyed to one end of the screen drum for separate discharge.

Features of Rotary Screen Filter

The discharge end of the drum rests on two sets of self-aligning twin rollers
Rotary screen sizes range from 1000 mm to 2400 mm ID and from 1000 mm to 5600 mm long Flow rates are dependent on Rotary Screen’s open area and size
The rotating screen is a unique metal to metal welded wedge bar screen with aperture size ranging from 0.2 to 0.7mm as also as per customer’s demands
Internally-fed Rotary Screen uses a cylindrical drum mounted on trunnion holding plate that is supported on 2 pedestal bearing blocks

Application of Rotary Screen Filter

Rotary Screen is also used in different branches of the food processing industry such as meat-processing factories, slaughter houses,dairy works, canning factories etc.

                     Rotary Screen Filter

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