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Rotary Drum Screen Filter

Rotary Drum Screen Filter

Rotary Drum Screen FilterRotary Drum Screen FilterRotary Drum Screen Filter
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Description of Rotary Drum Screen Filter:

UBO manufacturer of rotary drum screen in china.Rotary drum screen cylinders are manufactured in various diameters from 1/2" pipe size to 36" diameter. Screen cylinders can be fabricated into much larger sizes. Each intersection of wedge wire and support rod is welded for strength and durability. Variou wedge wire and support rod combinations can be used to produce the best screen design.Wedge Wire screen drums can be designed with slot openings and wires running radially on the outside surface of the screen cylinder or they can be positioned axially on the inside of the cylinder.Rotary Screens typically use wedge wire for the screening media.The externally fed unit has a spiral wound wedgewire screen drum 36" OD x 120" long.Please tell us your demand and then we design ,manufacture for you.Yours faithfully bob.

Application of Rotary Drum Screen Filter

1) Quarry industry: suitable for screening and classifying gravel, clay, mountain meal, sand, etc.
2) Coal Industry: suitable for screening and classifying lump coal, coal dust, coal washing, etc.
3) Chemical industry: fertilizer industry etc.
4) Mineral-selecting Industry: suitable for grading and classifying lump, powder substance, etc.
5) Metallurgy, construction, building materials, abrasives, and other industries.

Advantages of Rotary Drum Screen Filter

1) Trommel drum screen mainly consists of motor, reducer, drum units, racks, etc.

2) Installation of small angle, it is not easy to block

3) Occupy a small space

4) Low noise and little dust pollution

5) High screening efficiency

                         Rotary drum screen filter

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