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Pipe based well screen

Pipe based well screen

Pipe based well screenPipe based well screen
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Description of Pipe based well screen:

The Pipe-based screen is a perfect combination of a high performance profile wire screen and a strong internal pipe. It utilizes a very accurate V-shaped wire welded onto supporting rods to form a jacket that is assembled onto the perforated pipe – making them ideally suited to deep wells.
The very close slot control tolerances prevent sand migration.
Most importantly, the V-shaped continuous slot opening ensures better flow performances and is specially designed for very severe conditions.
As standard, 304 stainless steel is used in the manufacture of the jacket, and J55 or K55 for the pipe base. The standard external screen open area is 21%, although other percentage open areas are available.

Base pipes can be manufactured using stainless steel grades or API 5CT carbon steel casing.
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Features of Pipe based well screen

Higher Collapse resistance.
Higher Load Strength.
Easily controlled open area for regulated flow rates.
Threaded Fittings in any specifications required.

Application of Pipe based well screen

Pipe based screens are used in water wells in many parts of the world and are common in oil field work because of their strength and durability in non-vertical borehole applications.

Pipe based well screen

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