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Parabolic Curve Filter Screen

Parabolic Curve Filter Screen

Parabolic Curve Filter ScreenParabolic Curve Filter ScreenParabolic Curve Filter Screen
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Description of Parabolic Curve Filter Screen:

A Parabolic Curve Filter Screen is nothing more than a screen with a parabolic curve in it. mainly used for dewatering and separation of solid particles from liquids. Depending on the application character, they can be divided into arch sieves with gravitational loading or arch sieves with pressured loading.

Applications of Parabolic Curve Filter Screen

-- Meat and vegetable processing industry
-- (Petro) Chemical industry
-- Plastic handling industry
-- Sewage treatment
-- Sugar industry

Features of Parabolic Curve Filter Screen

-- Low Headroom.
-- Energy And Space Efficient .
-- Corrosion Resistance.
-- Quiet Operation.
-- Accurate Sizing
-- Low Maintenance
-- Easy Screen Replacement
-- Long Using Life. 

Parabolic Curve Filter Screen

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